Every day we are asked by customers, “Why do I need network change and configuration management (NCCM)?”   To that I like to reply, “Do you drive your car on the road without insurance?”  To me, NCCM is like having insurance for your network.  It protects you and makes your job a lot easier in case of network mayhem.




These are just a few examples of real-world unforeseen circumstances that can result in network downtime. 

SNMP Community Strings and Passwords – Have you ever had a network engineer leave your company (voluntarily or involuntarily) and then realize that he has the passwords and community strings for all of your devices?  Network management best practices suggest that you should change these every 30-60 days.  With SolarWinds NCM, you can simultaneously update all of your devices without requiring complex and error prone CLI commands using pre-defined change templates or by sharing with fellow network engineers on thwack.


Identify vulnerable devices – When Cisco releases a new PSIRT security vulnerability, do you have a way to determine which of your devices are vulnerable?



Backup! Backup! And Backup again! – Over 70% of all network issues are a result of faulty configurations.  By backing up device configs on a regular basis, you’ll always have a known good state that you can revert to.  In addition, with SolarWinds NCM, you can compare device configs side-by-side and see who changed what and when.


Receive real-time alerts – SolarWinds NCM allows you to quickly respond to unauthorized, unscheduled or erroneous changes by providing real time alerts and actions that can be integrated with NPM and customized to your needs.

Compliance – Ensuring that your device configs are compliant with internal, external and best practice policies gets the auditors off your back and makes your boss happy.  SolarWinds NCM includes a number of pre-defined policy violation reports or, again, you can share with the thousands of engineers on thwack.




Download now and see how SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager can protect you from network mayhem.