Hypervisor Support

One of the additional things we’re working on is Hypervisor support beyond VMware.  We are looking at Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen Server – most likely in that order.  We also see more prevalence of 2 or more Hypervisors being used in some of our customers, so having a unified and vendor independent way of looking at your Virtual Infrastructure is becoming very important.  If you have requests for Virtualization Manager Hypervisor support – please post them in the comments section below.

Storage Integration

As many of you know – there is a very tight linkage between virtualization and the shared storage back end.  There is a clear need to understand the virtualization layer and its dependence on the physical (and logical) storage underneath.  With that in mind, we are working on linkages between Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager so that users can seamlessly navigate from the virtual to the underlying physical entities.  For example, from a virtual standpoint, it may seem like a good idea to Storage vMotion this VM to another datastore – but if an analysis of the underlying physical storage shows us that these 2 datastores are sharing a common overloaded RAID group for example – that vMotion isn’t going to help us much!


Other Priorities

Some of the additional items we are considering for future releases include:

Role Based Access Control - The ability to tie a subset of the virtual infrastructure to a user account - for example a set of clusters, or VMs in a particular resource pool or folder.  By tying an implicit search to a given user, that user's scope can be restricted and all search based content (dashboards, alerts, trends etc...) should be automatically applied to only the chosen search scope.



PLEASE NOTE: We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel.   If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!