Do any of these apply to you? 

1. You like to try new things. 

2. You like to give your opinion. 

3. Those new things you like to try and opinions you like to give include things like RC versions of SolarWinds software. 

4. You are an ipMonitor customer under active maintenance and would like to try the 10.5 RC (see features below). OR you have a Clariion SAN or a Citrix Netscaler and would be interested in learning more/trying out new free tools currently in development that pertain to those devices.

If you see yourself in the description above, send me a private message and we'll get you fixed up with more information and the downloads as appropriate. 

I know, I promised, so here are the features that are in the ipMonitor 10.5 release candidate. I have to say (due to rules and regulations) that we cannot promise that all of these will make it into the GA build, but that seems likely at this point. 

  • Bandwidth monitors will separate inbound and outbound traffic. This enhancement provides a more detailed view of bandwidth usage, allowing the ability to test incoming and outgoing data rates.
  • Enhanced Exchange support - support for Exchange 2010. 
  • A shiny new printer monitor! 
  • The ability to sort columns in reporting view. 
  • As well as several bug fixes. 
I hope we'll be hearing from you.