Several weeks ago I posted What We're Working On for APM with a list of some of things we’re working for APM.  I’d like to provide a little more detail on some of these features because we’re working on some pretty cool stuff!


Java Monitoring

  • For those of you interested in JMX, this is your huckleberry.  APM will support JMX, and we plan on giving you the ability to select which beans you’d like to monitor via the process browser.
  • We’re also working on some templates for monitoring Java application servers.  Which Java application servers are you using? (Feel free to reply to this post!)


Better Nagios and Scripting Support

  • This is a big one.  First, we’re adding the ability to leverage scripts that return multiple values.  In other words, APM scripting component monitors will no longer be restricted to scripts that return a single value.  You will be able to leverage scripts that return multiple values, and be able to set thresholds on each.
  • Obviously this new functionality will apply to Nagios scripts as well.  We know many of you have already invested a great deal of time in building and maintaining Nagios scripts.  We are also working on trying to make it easier for you to leverage those Nagios scripts in APM and take some of the manual work out of the process.


Best Practices on What to Monitor for a Given Application

  • Many of you have already benefitted from the preliminary work on this through the updated templates we’ve been posting to thwack.  These templates are being built by Solarwinds staff who have experience in systems administration and have a good understanding of what should be monitored and what the thresholds for given counters should be.  We are leveraging this expert knowledge and updating our templates accordingly.
  • In addition to providing this expert knowledge, we are updating our APM templates to include a description field for each component monitor to include this information.  We will also be exposing this field as an alert variable, allowing you to include this information in alerts to help with troubleshooting when something goes wrong.


Data Transforms on APM Component Monitors

  • Many of you have requested the ability to take the value returned from an APM component monitor and do some math on that value, much like the UnDP in NPM.  This feature will allow you to do just that.
  • This feature will be added as something you can configure on individual component monitors within an APM template.


As we make progress I’ll have some screenshots to share in a future blog post; we’d love to hear your feedback!