We have some new Exchange templates posted to the Content Exchange on thwack that should be an improvement to your Exchange monitoring.  These templates are the first of many that we will be updating over the next few months.  We’ve received a great deal of feedback on how we could improve these, specifically on how we can provide better guidance on what you should monitor.  Anyone familiar with Exchange knows there are many, many things you can monitor, and it’s easy to get lost in terms of knowing what’s important to monitor and what’s not.  These new templates are an attempt at solving that problem.  These new templates are an improvement over the existing templates that currently ship with APM 4.0 for two reasons.  First, they include component monitors for things you should monitor versus things you could monitor.  Second, they include recommendations for when to use which template, AND recommendations for thresholds for specific performance counters.

You can find the new templates in a .zip file on the Content Exchange Updated Exchange Templates.  In the .zip you’ll find the new templates, as well as a .pdf that provides detailed documentation on each template and recommendations for thresholds on performance counters.  To use the templates, simply extract them from the .zip, then import them to APM. 


You can do this by going to the ‘Manage Templates’ page, then click Import.


Select the template you want to import, then click SUBMIT.  Once imported you’re ready to go!

We’d love to hear your feedback on these new templates.  Feel free to email me directly at craig.mcdonald@solarwinds.com, post a comment here, or start a thread on thwack.