We often get feedback from users on what they would like to see in the products. Sometimes the requests fit into our existing solutions, and sometimes, we decide to focus more extensively on the problem by creating a new product.


We are actively working on two new products that our users have requested.

  • A product to help monitor synthetic web transactions. If you are interested in the web transaction product, contact Christine Bentsen (thwack ID christineb) and she will give you more information.
  • A product that gives you more detailed information about where devices are plugged in to your network. If you are interested in this, read on!

For the user tracking product we are helping to address a long time request from many of our users, the ability to quickly find where a certain device is connected in the network. For example, search for the MAC address 0123.45.67.89ab, the results will include what switch and port that MAC address is connected to. See the screenshots below to get an idea of what this will look like.








Here is where we need your help. Did you notice the difference between the two screenshots? The first image incudes status directly in the icon, the second image indicates the status by using the ball icon. Which do you prefer? Just post below and we will gather your comments together and implement the solution that works the best!


Of course, this is not all the product will do. Stay tuned to see more screenshots and information about what we are working on for this. Also, we will be demonstrating some basic functionality for this new product at Cisco Live! in London (booth G4). Stop by the booth and let us know what you think in person! If you are really excited about this, please take this survey and we will include you in Beta opportunities and further chances to provide direct feedback with our developers and UI team!