At long last, the RC is out and available to customers with active maintenance. If you are interested in participating - drop me a note with your SWID and we'll get you set up. 

Things to try out/look for in this RC: 

  • Improved Policy Reporter – interface-level policy checking, improved performance, and a completely new web interface and workflow. Import and export reports to your hard drive plus thwack integration enables sharing both inside and outside the organization. Additionally, a syntax checker allows you to see how rules will be applied to a chosen config.  What we're working on... the live edition: NCM Improved Policy Reports
  • Support for multiple config types – backup and restore configs of whatever type you prefer.
  • Comprehensive Ipv6 support.
  • Improved inventory management – performance has been greatly enhanced (our internal tests showed an over 8x improvement).
  • Additional device templates  - Motorola WS5100 WAP and ES3000 switch devices, Ericsson switches, Meru network controller, and many others are now supported.
Again, simply send me a message if you are interested, and we'll get you set up. The RC is a fully-supported version. 
Happy Holidays!