As you wind down for the holidays, you want to get away from it all - as long as you feel secure nothing bad will happen while you are wrapping presents and drinking eggnog!  Orion does quite the trick with the new Meet the Features of NPM 10.1 - Mobile Device Views and Alert Management Enhancements, but what about your storage? You want to make sure there are no Grinches stealing all your space on Christmas Eve.

Although you could view Profiler on your phone while dashing through the stores, scheduling reports to come to you is often a better way to go.  Any Profiler report (pre-defined or custom) that can be run on demand can also be scheduled with all the same options - and setting them up is easier than finding a red-nosed reindeer in winter fog.

To start, go to Quick Reports > Report Schedules.  If you have created schedules before, they will be listed here.  Click the New Schedule button.

The schedule screen allows you to define:

  • When the schedule should run.
  • Who should receive a copy of the schedule reports.
  • Which reports should be included in the schedule.
  • How the emails should be delivered.

Note you can deliver the reports to multiple recipients, and you can embed the reports in the email, attach them as a file, or publish them and just include a link.    Once you have defined the schedule, press the Save button.  This will take you back to the schedule list, so click the edit icon for the schedule you just created, and now you can add reports to the schedule.  Yes, the flow is a little clunky, but its still better than sticking your tongue to a frozen pole in the schoolyard.

Next you can choose the reports you want to add, by clicking the Add button in the reports section.  A report list will appear allow you to select any you want and then click the Add button to add it to the schedule.  

The options that come up for that report are the same as when you execute the report on demand. 

Once you have added all the desired reports, press the Save button and you will be returned to the Schedule list. You can test the schedule by clicking the Run icon (this will send the scheduled report to all recipients).

So now you have your reports emailed to you just when you need them, so you can sleep more soundly during the Holidays.

How do users leverage Profiler schedules?

  • Identify full or fast growing storage
  • Storage usage per department by leveraging Profiler grouping
  • Identify where storage can be reclaimed.
  • Show the busiest LUNs, VM, vDisk, etc.
  • Publish data that internal applications can consume

    So before the in-laws arrive and park their RV in your front yard, better make you schedule all the Profiler reports you think you'll need to survive the Holidays. 

    And remember, even if it gets stressful at times, it's a wonderful life.

    Merry Christmas!