From time to time, we try to highlight tips and tricks from community members.  These tips and tricks are usually posted on thwack.  In this post, we want to highlight something that was posted on on a personal blog.  In his extremely detailed and helpful blog post entitled “Automated SpiceWorks Tickets using Orion NPM and Perl”, Aaron Hebert explains how to make Orion automatically open ticket in SpiceWorks help desk.

We encourage you to read his post.  Here’s a quote from his intro:

“Customers appreciate a fast response to a network outage. After working in a NOC setting and learning many things about customer service, I’ve decided to take advantage of a few very good ideas implemented by others that could decrease response times to outages. One of these ideas includes creating tickets when a “node down” event is detected by an NNM. I’ve seen “auto-tickets” generated by integrating HP OpenView and ConnectWise, but I’ve never come across a solution for less expensive products such as SpiceWorks and Orion NPM. I hope that this post will be of some use to anyone who wishes to implement this.”

Many thanks to Aaron for his contribution to the community.  Please take a look.  He includes detailed requirements and the original script he wrote.  Enjoy.