As I mentioned in an Server Change Auditing, we’ve been thinking about new product areas, and we want your input.  We have two surveys today.  You can take both, one, or (obviously) neither.  If you give us your contact info, we’ll follow up with some of you for in-person calls, which will earn you a SolarWinds shirt or other goodies.




Take survey on Call Quality Management .  We'd really like to better understand what your needs are as it relates to IP Telephony call quality monitoring.


Call Quality means, being able to understand how a end user's experience was when they made a call. In our specific case, we want to know what the quality of the call was over an IP network.


Some examples of poor quality include:

  • Echo on the call
  • Conversation seems out of synch
  • Gaps in speech
  • Parts of the conversation are repeated
  • Improper volume
  • Unable to connect
  • Unexpected disconnect



Take survey on Device/Port Tracking


Device/Network Port Tracking solutions provide a complete, historical view of your entire switch-port inventory (wired and wireless) and connected devices to help eliminate tedious and time consuming manual processes.


To help clarify, here are some example use-cases:


* Need to trace the location of a specific IP or MAC address and see where it is now and where it's been on the network  
* Need to identify the impact of a switch being taken down for maintenance   
* Tired of tracing cables   
* Need to ensure switch capacity is really used before acquiring new switches   
* Need to verify availability of switch ports for upcoming project




If you think there are other areas where we should consider new products, please post comments, or feel free to email me directly.