WAN Acceleration products are becoming more pervasive. For companies with more than a handful of remote sites, the technology will grow into a must have. But what are your options for monitoring them? Sure, the vendor supplied management consoles provide information and even alerting capabilities, but that undermines the advantages of a centralized management console for your network. Why not put the information where the rest of your network and application information is?

Some Orion users I talked to have already added their Cisco WAAS and Riverbed Steelhead appliances as nodes into NPM – why not? Right? But most want to know more than CPU, Memory, and Interface utilization. For example, if you want to monitor compression ratio and TCP connections.

We’ve created some content to help you with just that!

You can do this by creating customer pollers for specific SNMP values with this information. If you aren’t already familiar with our custom SNMP pollers (Universal Device Pollers / UnDPs), watch this video, Universal Device Pollers. Essentially, you can poll any SNMP value from any device in SNMP. As one of the sales guys says, if you have a toaster oven that supports SNMP we can monitor it :-)

Here is an example report created for Riverbed devices: WAN Optimization Reports for Orion.


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