As many Orion IPAM customers know, the product doesn’t currently support detailed tracking on IPs, like when a status was changed, and by who.  This is a feature for which we get many, many requests.  Although this is a high priority for us to implement in IPAM (see IPAM’s ‘What We’re Working On’ If you're curious as to what we're working on for Orion IPAM...), you have another option for reporting on this data in the product today!

Let’s say you want to see the history of changes on a specific IP.  Since these changes generate an Orion event, you can create a report based on messages sent to the event log that contain the IP in question.  Here’s how you do it…

Open Report Writer, and create a new report.

IPAM Events Log Report.

Select ‘IPAM Events Log’ for the new report type.  Next you’ll want to name the report.

IPAM Events Log Report - Name

In this report, we’re looking at the historical changes on  Now, let’s select the fields we want to use in the report.

The field we want in the report is a an event message.  I also added 'Event Time' and 'Username' so we know who made the change and when it was made.  Next, we want to appropriately filter the messages in the report to only include those related to  Click on the ‘Filter Results’ tab.

Note the filters we’ve applied in the screenshot.  We only want to show the messages that contain ',' and I've specified 'Status' to help filter out many erroneous events we don't care about for this particular report.  Now, let’s take a look at the report.

We’ve effectively generated a report that shows us any changes that have been made to the status of!