Orion NPM offers some really nifty monitoring and configuration capabilities for Cisco EnergyWise. For the configuration piece, you must have NCM and what I'm going to show you relies on the integration between them.  In case you aren't familiar with EnergyWise, here's a blurb from our documentation: 


EnergyWise is a Cisco technology developed to help you cut enterprise energy costs, address environmental concerns, and adhere to government directives around green technologies. By deploying EnergyWise capable devices and by enabling their energy-saving features, you can run business-critical systems in a fully powered state while allowing less critical devices on Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports to power down or drop into standby during off-peak hours.


It's good stuff, and with Orion, it's easy to use as well. First - the monitoring. Orion NPM offers a really nice view of your EnergyWise-enabled devices - and in case you haven't seen it - here's what it looks like. To add this tab, simply customize your menu in the "Settings" section. For more about how to do that (and an overview of what is about to get pretty long-winded) - Cisco EnergyWise – What is it and how does Orion NPM help me?. For more about all the resources available - see Chapter 8 in the NPM Admin Guide. Do be sure and give that chapter a quick overview, as there are a number of additional EnergyWise resources available that do not appear on the EnergyWise tab by default. Be sure and customize your view just the way you want it. 


Ok - you say - monitoring is great - but what can Orion do to help me configure all my EnergyWise devices? In other words - how do I get here? Hang tight - I'll walk you through it. 

Configuring EnergyWise

First - click on Manage Nodes and choose "Group By" and "EnergyWise." You'll see the nodes sorted by "EnergyWise Capable," "Enabled," and "Not Supported." Here, I chose one that was "Capable" and then chose "Manage EnergyWise" under "More Actions."

Next, you will see this screen: 

Here you can make all your required configuration changes - and NPM generates and NCM then applies a script to the selected node(s) and interface(s). Once you apply the changes - you can double check that they were applied by going to NCM (Configs tab), clicking "Manage Configurations" and then View By: "Transfer Status." Select the device you applied the EnergyWise changes to, and you check the results and even select to see the script that was run.

For detailed information about all the fields in the screenshot above - what they mean and what you might want to set them to in your environment - don't forget to check out Chapter 8 in the NPM Admin Guide.

To go one step further and set policies, you'll choose an interface and then edit the interface itself in "Manage EnergyWise."

Just check whichever box you'd like to enter a value for - and enter what you need. When you check "Recurrence Policy" you get the screen below. 

With recurrence polices - you can easily define how resources should be allocated. You'll notice that my node already has one policy defined (it's the line beginning Level 7...) - any additional policies you define will also appear in the list, so you can manage them as needed.

Remember - you'll need both NPM and NCM to manage the configurations in this way - so if you don't see the manage option and you only have NPM... you know what the problem is. 

Try it out - it's easy to use - and powerful too.