In this prior blog Graphing multiple data points on a single graph with the UnDP I outlined how you could put multiple elements in the same graph using the Universal Device Poller.  We have been having conversations with many of you on thwack about wanting to expand this to support additional use cases.  Based on that, I wanted to go ahead and do a post and give you a sneak preview into something we are working on.  Just as in our So what’s on tap next for Orion NPM posts, I cannot commit to any dates or releases, but I would love to get your feedback on the use cases and some of the mock ups we have put together on this.


So the first set of use cases we are looking to do are the following:

  • Chart an interface from one or more nodes
    • this also includes the ability to display as a sum/aggregate
  • Chart multiple interfaces from a single node
  • Chart a single UnDP which is assigned to many nodes
  • Chart a single UnDP which is assigned to many interfaces

I will walk through the user flow of how this would work for multiple interfaces on the same device

  1. Add a new multi-element graph resource to a node details view
  3. Select which interfaces you wish to add to the chart    
  5. Tweak the parameters of the view. For example, do you want to show all interfaces individually or as a sum?    
  7. Submit and those interfaces will be rendered on the same chart



So what do you think?  Are there features or use cases not covered here?