Have you ever right clicked a node and seen a list of tools drop down? Most of us have been trained never to right click on a website. In most instances, this is correct, however, we’ve provided a great way for you to interact with nodes without cluttering up the interface by using the right click functionality.

This is the current Toolset and Orion integration. It allows you to quickly launch relevant troubleshooting tools directly from the web interface. If you have Toolset installed on your local machine and access the Orion web console, you will see the right click integration. This integration is supported in IE as well as Firefox!

Here’s what it looks like:



There are several great tools here but what if you want to add your own application to the list? No problem! This blog post was motivated by this thwack forum, SSH in right click menu.

For example, say we are having problems with an application and want to understand what is happening by using Wireshark. By the way, if you don’t know what Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) is, go to their website now.

Find the SWToolset.MenuOptions file on your local machine. We recommend you backup your existing file first, then add the following text to the file between the <MenuOptions> and </MenuOptions> tags.

<MenuOption Order=”28” ID=”1028” Visible="TRUE" Title="Wireshark" BeginGroup="FALSE" HasSubMenu="FALSE" ExecString="C:\Program Files\Wireshark\wireshark.exe –i 1 –k –f &quot;host {TARGET}&quot;" Icon="" Extra="" Parent="" Required="4"/>



The Order and ID values will depend on the other values in the file, the ones I provided were the first available and should work for you. To break down the Wireshark parameters, –i indicates the interface index (in my case it is 1), –k means to start capturing immediately, and –f is the capture filter (in this case, “host {TARGET}” where {TARGET} is replaced with the IP Address of the device automatically when you right click in NPM). For more information on Wireshark Capture Filters, see the Wireshark Wiki. Obviously, this will only show you traffic that your machine can see. To configure port spanning on Cisco devices, refer to these resources from Cisco.

For other applications, simply replace the Title value and ExecString with appropriate values. Also, the Orion Admin Guide has a great write up of how to accomplish this in the “Adding Programs to a Toolset Integration Menu” section. You can find all of our documentation at http://thwack.com/support.

Saving the above changes and re-launching the right click integration menu should result in the newly updated menu.

You can post to this blog to brag about what cool and useful tools you launch from the Toolset menu! If you don’t have the Toolset, click here for more information and go try it for free!