We recently received a comment to one of our previous blog So what’s on tap next for Orion NPM requesting the ability to display static information in Orion that may be relevant to a device.  For example, let’s say you wanted to display specific information about a site or an office, like geographical location, site name, etc.  This is possible today using one of Orion’s hidden gems: the custom HTML resource. 

First, you’d probably want to create a new view.  On this view, you’d add whatever resources are important to you, including the custom html resource.  See screenshot below.

Custom Foo View.

Here I’ve created a custom view called ‘Custom Foo View.’  Next, I’m going to add the custom HTML resource to this view.  Click the ‘+’ button on whichever column you want to add the resource, then you’ll be given a list of resources from which you can select.

Custom HTML.

The custom html resource is under the Miscellaneous category.  Select it and click ‘Done.’  Now, let’s take a look at the view we’ve created that includes the custom html resource.

Custom Foo View with html.

Here we can see our new Foo view with the custom HTML resource displayed; however, it’s empty.  To add content to the resource, simply click ‘Edit.’

Edit Custom HTML Resource.

Simply paste HTML into the text box.  In this case, we’ll add some HTML that gives us some basic information about one of our sites.

Site information.

That’s it!  This is but one of the many ways you can use this resource; we’d love to hear about some of the other creative ways you’re using the custom HTML resource.