First, I wanted to say it was great to meet so many of you out at Cisco Live last week and finally put a name with a face!  I had many various conversations while I was there, but there was one that I had a couple times, so I decided to dedicate a blog post to it. 


Since we released Orion NPM 9.5, there have been various System Manager functionality in version 9.5 and posts on thwack regarding Orion System Manager and some of the administrative functionality being disabled and having to use the Orion web console web node management to perform these functions.


The first question always is why? 


Well the answer is quite simple. As Orion grows and we add more features, modules, etc., they each require new administrative settings.  For us to put them in both places and maintain them in both places ultimately means we have less time to work on other enhancements and features.


Also, as Orion gets more widely adopted in organization you may have more than one person whom you want to have administrative access.  With Orion System Manager, users must be given permission to RDP to the Orion server which may create security issues and you may have to purchase Windows terminal server licenses depending on the number of users that need access.  In contrast, with the Orion web console, users can just hit a web browser from where ever they are which allows for controlled access and is much more efficient.


So why is the web console better than System Manager?

  1. You don’t have to RDP to the Orion server to use it
  3. You can do “multi” operations meaning multi-edit, multi-poll now etc.
  5. You can populate custom properties directly inline to editing a device, interface or volume
  7. You can directly assign Universal Device Pollers from here
  9. You can unmanage and remanage nodes and interfaces
  11. You can create VMWare API credentials directly inline creating and editing a node

The primary complaint we hear from users is that using the web node management in the web is slower that the win32 UI.  We have done some work to improve this and continue to do work here. For example, we introduced paging in the UI to load elements quicker.  However, I wanted to give ya’ll some tips and tricks to more effectively utilize the web node management


Question: I want to view specific interfaces and be able to filter on them without having to expand each node to see them.  
Answer: Use the show drop down and select interfaces and you can then filter or search for the specific interfaces you want




Question: I want to do a mass edit or delete of items that span across multiple pages, but I don’t want to have to go through and select them all.  
Answer: On the first page, when you select the checkbox next to name in the header, you will see a new dialog which allows you to manage just the elements on that page, or you can select all elements across all pages and then choose edit, delete, poll now etc.




Question: I want to view more than 40 elements on a single page, how do I do this?  
Answer: This is quite easy to change, just remember, the higher you increase the value, the longer it will take for the page to load and refresh.  Under page size you can change the value and hit enter.




Question: I don’t see the columns I want to view within the web node management console, can I change these?  
Answer: Yes, you can, it is somewhat hidden but in the screenshot below you can see the two arrows pointing to the right.  If you click on these you will get a new dialog which will allow you to choose which columns to display.