I have been asked this question a few times now thought the NPM 10.0 blog series would be a good place to talk through this.  Since this feature is near and dear to me, this will be one of my longer blog posts!


With NPM 10.0, leveraging Network Sonar, we are now gathering and storing topological data and this is exposed in various features through out the product.


Question: How is Orion gathering topological information?  
Answer: Orion uses the following MIB’s

  • Bridge-MIB
    • For Cisco, browse the Bridge-MIB::dot1dTpFdbTable ( )
    • For non-cisco device, browse the dot1qTpFdbTable (
    • Browse for the ARP-IP::ipNetToMediaEntry ( ) table

Question: So what is ConnectNow?  
Answer: Connect Now is a new feature within Network Atlas with Orion NPM 10.0 focused around automating drawing L2 topological connections. 


Once you have run the Network Sonar discovery and imported the nodes and interfaces you wish to manage

  1. Open Network Atlas, select the nodes you want to automatically connect, and drag them from the tree onto right pane
  3. HIt ctrl-A to select all the nodes on the map and either right click and select ConnectNow or on the top menu ribbon click the ConnectNow button
  5. You will see a dialog once it has completed indicating how many direct connections is has found and mapped
  7. On the top ribbon bar, select the Edit tab and on this tab you will see a set of auto-arrange selection to lay out the map in a more readable fashion
  9. Save and name your map

The first screenshot below is an example of how this will look within Network Atlas.  Once saved you can edit your Summary Home page in the Orion web console to display this same map, see second screenshot.






Can I display my directly connected neighbors on the node details page?


Yes, please read If topology gets you excited, here’s something else for you to tinker with… on how.  I put a screenshot below to entice you to read this post too.


If you want to learn more on this, you can watch this video here by our Head Geek