Well, we wrapped up NCM 6.0 and we've hit the ground running working on a number of new features. In addition to the routine set of fixes, new device templates, and other optimizations – we’re working on:

Improved Policy Reports –

  • moving a lot more of this functionality to the web
  • the ability to import and export policies, rules, and possibly whole reports  
  • adding the ability to check for violations in config blocks (interface-level checking)

**Special bonus note on this one - look for mockups on this functionality soon. I'll be posting them to thwack to get your feedback while we're in the design phase. 

Support for multiple config types 

  • you’ve asked for this, and we’re working on it now - we're planning for these to be fully customizable

Additional IpV6 support

  • NCM already has IpV 6 support for many activities, and we’re working on additional support

Improved inventory management 

  • we are working on making this process easier and the reports even more useful

Of course, I can't promise that all of this will make it into the next release, but we are working on all these features now. Let me know what you think - and be sure and check the NCM forum for updates.