Cloud computing has become an inescapable topic of conversation.  It’s certainly true for us when we talk to analysts and journalists.  Even though our products specifically target well-worn grooves in the IT landscape, we’re continually probed about our approach to cloud computing.  We do have a perspective on cloud, by the way.  We’ve given it a lot of thought and we believe there’s something real behind the hype, but our observation is that the media seem to be following the usual course of overestimating the short-term impacts and underestimating the long-term impacts. 


We (across many parts of SolarWinds) talk to customers a lot, and our collective impression, so far, is that the hyperkinetic discussions about cloud remain mostly that—talk.  It’s not something that a typical Orion customer is wrestling with on a daily or weekly basis.  But maybe we’re wrong and there’s a lot going on, even though you all aren’t talking to us about it.  So we’re asking because we’re curious.  What’s up with you and cloud?  What does it mean to you?  Are you thinking about cloud projects?  Do you have cloud projects in progress?  Are you already so cloud-centric that you’re actually thinking about the next shiny thing and can’t believe how last-week we are?  Is your management asking you about cloud computing?


We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.