Orion v10 is now officially GA and we’ve got a lot of great feedback from the community about the the new network topology features.   More specifically, the new ConnectNow feature in Network Atlas, which allows you to automatically draw direct network connections between nodes in maps.   If you haven’t discovered this feature yet, it’s worth checking out a video run-through of ConnectNow by our very own Head Geek, Josh Stephens.

Ok, so we promised you something to tinker with, and if isn’t ConnectNow, what is it?  Well, based on how excited folks got about the topology features in v10, we’ve decided to provide a hands-on sneak preview of some really cool network topology resources we’ve got cooking in dev!   

Mandatory disclaimer:  These resources are NOT supported by SolarWinds and should be considered “SolarWinds Labs” prototypes.  We’re also not guaranteeing a particular release in which they’ll be included.   However, we’d love to get your feedback early so we can consider incorporating any ideas you have ;-)

Here’s how to get started…

Install the resources on your Orion server

1. Make sure your Orion server is upgraded to NPM v10.0 or greater.   The resources won’t work with earlier versions.

2. Make sure you’ve run a scheduled network discovery after your upgrade to Orion NPM 10.0.  This will ensure that network topology data is available in the Orion database for use by ConnectNow and the prototype topology resources.

3. Download the network topology resource zip file from the Orion 10 Topology Resources and save it to your Orion server

4. Unzip the folder contents to your Orion website directory.  By default this is C:\InetPub\SolarWinds\

5. Unzip folder contents to any additional Orion websites you have in your environment.   

Add the resources to your Orion views

1. Navigate to a Node Details View and select Customize Page button.  You’ll find the new resources under the Summary Reports heading.

The new resources are called:

  • Core Network Topology
  • NPM Network Topology

Each may be added to either summary or detail views. 

2. Go ahead and add the NPM Network Topology resource to your view.  Notice that the resource is filtered by that Node, so that only the discovered topology connections between that node and other nodes are displayed.   Note, similar to ConnectNow, you may not see connections listed for a node if it’s not included in your scheduled discovery or it doesn’t support the BRIDGE MIB required to retrieve topology information.


Start tinkering and posting feedback

We hope you find the new resources valuable and we’re really looking forward to your feedback.  As noted above, you can’t call support but we’d love it if you could post any comments, questions, etc. to Feedback on prototype network topology resources