In the nature of all the sneak-peak goodness we’ve been blogging about for Orion 10 (things like Down! Down, I say!, Sometimes it’s just the little things…., Community Karma – New alert variables for view drill-downs in Orion 10.0!, and Keepin’ it Real – Retaining the Source IP), I wanted to give you a sneak peak at two extremely cool features in the upcoming release of the Engineer’s Toolset 10.6.  Now, let’s talk browsers.  Since we first released the Orion-Toolset integration, it has relied on ActiveX and has therefore been limited to Internet Explorer.  The Toolset integration with Orion now works with Firefox!  Check out the screenshot, and, NO, this is not a result of some creative Photoshop’ing.

Firefox Toolset Integration 3.

Once you’ve upgraded to 10.6, there is one trick to get this working.  We’ve included an integration utility you’ll need to copy over to and run on your Orion server (see screenshot below).  If you don’t see the Toolset right-click menus in Firefox after running the utility, just restart IIS and you should be good to go.

Firefox Toolset Integration Utility.

In addition to Firefox support, we’ve also added the ability to import devices into the Workspace Studio from a number of different sources, including your Orion NPM database.  You can now also import devices from Toolset NPM, the Classic Toolset Network Sonar, the Classic Toolset Credentials Manager, or any SQL or Access Database.  From the Workspace Studio select the Device menu >> Import Devices.

WS Device Import Options.

If you want to import your Orion NPM devices, select SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor Database, and enter your credentials and connection information for your Orion database.

WS Device Import Credentials.

Next, you’ll assign columns you want to import.

 WS Device Import Assign Columns.

Then, select the rows for the devices you want to import from Orion.

WS Device Import Select Rows.

Last, you can avoid adding any duplicates you may have already added to Workspace Studio.

WS Device Import Import Options.

That’s it!  Now your Orion devices are available in Workspace Studio.

WS Device Import Import Devices Added.

If you're an Orion customer and you haven't tried the Engineer's Toolset, you can learn more about it here.