Sometimes it’s just the little things that get me excited about a new release.  Orion NPM 10.0 is loaded full of great new features, but one little gem which you may not notice right away makes us happy.  I have already had a few users find this and either post on Great ATLAS Icons - finally.... or email about how awesome this was.


Many of you who have been with SolarWinds for some time know the old icons in Map Maker and Network Atlas and let’s just say there was room for improvement. :)


With 10.0, we overhauled the icons and you can now find tons of great networking icons to use in your network maps, see below




So in the past you had to create custom icons and import then.  You can still do this with 10, we have just hopefully made that something you need to do less frequently now.  You can now go into the image library and select from over 100 different network-related icons to use.




A special thank you to Cisco for creating and posting these icons for use.