In a previous post, we covered Community works! - A simpler way to manage Orion email alerts based on an idea we took from the community.   Now it’s time for us to give back with an enhancement that, once you use it, you may wonder how you ever lived without it ;-)

Imagine this scenario, or perhaps, just look at your email if you’ve got that in front you.  You’ve received an alert notification that a node is experiencing issues.  What’s your typical next step?   For most users, it’s to open their Orion website, find the node, and drill down to the node’s details view to start investigating. 

The problem is this felt like one too many steps for most of you.  Why can’t you just drill down from the alert?   To solve this problem in Orion 10.0, we’ve added several new advanced alert variables that allow you to include a drill-down URL to the object referenced in the alert.  

Here’s how to use them…

1. Open Advanced Alert Manager (Start > Program Files > SolarWinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting, Mapping).

2. Click Configure New Alert to bring up your list of alerts and edit an existing alert or create a new one.

4. Navigate to Trigger Condition tab.  Notice the Type of Property to Monitor field is set to Node.   This is important because this allows you to reference the alert variables associated with that property type.   For example, if you wanted to alert on an Orion APM application or component monitor and reference those variables in your alert notification, you’d want to change this accordingly. 


4. Navigate to the Trigger Actions tab and select Send an E-Mail / Page.


5. Select the Message tab and click Insert Variable and you’ll see a list of variables to choose from.   Notice that NodeDetailsURL is now available (Yes, I almost cried the first time I saw it too).


6. Select Build Selected Variable and it will be automatically inserted in your email.   Now, when this alert triggers, this alert action will parse the variables and automagically include a direct drill-down link to the node the having problems in your email notification.


Still not impressed?   The good news is we didn’t stop with just the node URL drill-down variable.   This same approach works for interfaces, VMware machines, applications, monitors, etc.   As you install Orion modules, more URL drill-down options will be automatically added to your list of variables!

Well, we’re hopeful we’ve fulfilled at least part of our karmic duties with this new feature, but please try it out and let us know what you think!