I haven’t been with SolarWinds very long, but I’ve been here long enough to understand Orion alerts.  Although Orion NPM comes with some really useful and simple out-of-the-box alerts, advanced alerts can be intimidating, and creating some of the more complex alerts can be daunting.  Orion’s advanced alerting engine is very powerful, but this power comes with a learning curve.  The good news is you have some excellent resources available to you to help with that learning curve.

First, check out the Alert Lab on thwack.  This is a relatively new forum specifically dedicated to answering your questions on alerts.  In addition, a couple of thwack MVPs (sedmo and mrxinu) have graciously volunteered their time to helping us answer your alert related questions.  These guys are power users, so they know their stuff and are happy to help. 

Second, mcbridea has written a technical Understanding Orion Advanced Alerts on how to use advanced alerts in Orion.  This is an excellent paper, as evidenced by some of the thwack users who have posted positive comments on it.

Third, we have written several blog posts about alerts here on the product blog.  Check them out:

If there is a specific topic you’re interested in learning about (alerts or something else entirely), post your questions and comments about it on thwack.  If we see a lot of posts or questions on the same topic, we’ll blog about it.