We get the occasional support call from customers having trouble adding nodes to Orion IP SLA Manager.  They try to add the node, they see the spinner spin for a while, then they get taken back to the main page.  What gives?  As it turns out, the root cause of this issue is simple: they haven’t installed Orion IP SLA Manager on their additional pollers.  In other words, if you want to add an Orion node that is being monitored by an additional poller, Orion IP SLA Manager has to be installed on that poller too.

Now you’re going to ask, “How do I install IP SLA Manager on my additional pollers?”  Fortunately, this answer is very simple as well.  It’s the same installation package as Orion IP SLA Manager; you just install it on your additional poller.  Lastly, there is no additional cost for this.  In the past we charged a separate license for Orion modules on additional pollers; that is no longer the case.  If you’ve purchased additional pollers, you can install any Orion module on that additional poller for free.  Chris LaPoint wrote a detailed blog post on that back in January.  You can read it Orion Additional Polling Engine and Modules -- What do I buy for modules...Nothing because it’s now free!.