We get many, many questions on thwack regarding Windows credentials for adding a Windows DHCP server to IPAM.  There are few tips and tricks I will share that can make this process relatively painless.  First, let me explain why you need to enter Windows credentials in IPAM.  A Windows account is required to pull scopes from a Microsoft DHCP server.  This account has to be a member of one of the three following groups on the DHCP server: local Administrators, DHCP Users, or DHCP Administrators. IPAM uses this account to log into the DHCP server and to pull scopes you want to manage.


Second tip: the DHCP server you’re adding to IPAM must already be defined as a node in Orion NPM.  If you haven’t added the DHCP server as a node in Orion NPM, you won’t be able to add it to IPAM.  When you’re adding a DHCP server to IPAM, it displays a list of devices to choose from, and this list is generated from your Orion nodes.


Add DHCP Server.


Third tip: use the Windows Credentials manager in IPAM if you’re working with more than one set of Windows credentials.  Go to IPAM Settings>>Manage Windows credentials for scope scans, which will take you here:


Windows Credentials manager.




Note the two sets of Windows credentials I’ve created: Windows 1 and Windows 2.  Once created, these are available to you when adding a DHCP server in IPAM, as shown below.


choosing credentials.


Fourth tip: when in doubt, check out our Knowledge Base articles on this topic.  You can find them here.  These two articles have some great information on errors you may encounter and how to resolve them.