One of life's small frustrations now has an easy fix.

I exchanged emails with a customer who mentioned that it can be frustrating to page through pages and pages in the inventory report. If the view showed just a few more would be so much nicer as you could see much more on one screen.... but alas.... there's no setting for that.

Well, actually there is, but it's a bit roundabout.  You can change this: 


to this:

And... it's easy. 


NCM Standalone: 

Just go to  your c:/inetpub/solarwindsncm directory and find the web.config file. Find the line <add key="InventoryPageSize" value="20" /> and change it to something bigger – say 200 (or whatever you desire). Save it and voila – you’ll have a lot longer page view.


NCM Integration Module:

Go to the Orion web.config file and add the line:

<add key="InventoryPageSize" value="100" />


In the AppSettings section in Orions web.config file



    <add key="SWOISv2.RemoteEndpoint" value="net.tcp://{0}:17777/SolarWinds/InformationService/Orion/ssl" />

    <add key="SWOIS.LocalEndpoint" value="net.pipe://localhost/SW/InformationService/Orion" />

    <add key="SWOIS.RemoteEndpoint" value="net.tcp://{0}:17777/SW/InformationService/Orion/ssl" />

    <add key="DisableBreadcrumbs" value="false" />

    <add key="InventoryPageSize" value="100" />


Save it and you are done. Feel free to experiment with the line length until you get the report view just right.