Orion IPAM 1.6 GA'd this week, which includes some highly requested features that should make your lives easier in terms of managing IPs and subnets.  First, let's look at the multi-edit functionality.

Notice the highlighted check boxes in the above screenshot.  Using these you can now multi-edit a group of IPs simultaneously.  This is nice if you have a group of IPs you want to edit on a single page in IPAM.  What if you want to multi-edit a group of IPs that span multiple pages in IPAM?  We've got that covered too!

As you can see in the above screenshot, we've also added the ability to specify a range of IPs you want to multi-edit. 

Bulk subnet importing was another highly requested feature we were able to implement in IPAM 1.6. 

In this screenshot you'll see that we simply ask you for the subnet and the CIDR, then we parse it for you and show you the results.  Even better, you can import multiple subnets at the same time.

The last feature I'd like to show is the subnet import lockdown.  This will help when managing duplicate subnets.

You'll see highlighted in the above screenshot a checkbox.  When this box is checked, it will only update the subnet you're currently editing.  In other words, if you are managing duplicate subnets, and you only want to make changes to one, you'd check this box and any changes made will be restricted to that subnet.

If you're an existing IPAM customer, 1.6 is waiting for you in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.  If you're interested in IPAM, but haven't purchased it yet, try it for free for 30 days; you can download it here.


Wishing everyone a happy Holiday!