One cool new feature we added in 9.5 that you may not know about yet was directly influenced by you, the community. Customers requested that they wanted to monitor specific ports, such as user ports, but when those users shut down at the end of the day and went home, they did not want to receive alerts that the node is now offline and down.


With NPM 9.5 you can now set a property on an interface in which if that port goes down, within Orion we will show it as unplugged and you will not receive alerts or a down icon in the UI.


1. In the Orion web console go to Admin -> Manage Nodes and select one of more interfaces and select “Edit Properties”




2. Check the first dialog “Display interface as unplugged rather than down” and submit


3. When an interface is down, it will now show as Unplugged within the UI and not trigger alerts and alarms