One of the questions I regularly answer on thwack is which NCM component to install where and how to enable integration of NCM with NPM.   Specifically, where to install the 2 different executables included in the NCM download.  

To help clarify deployment, here’s a quick overview:

  • NCM “Server” executable – installs the NCM server, client application, and standalone website.   These components can be installed on the same server you installed NPM or on a completely separate server.  PLEASE NOTE: Installing this executable on the same server as NPM does NOT automatically enable integration with NCM.  You still need to install the NCM integration module described below.
  • “NPM integration” executable – installs the NCM integration module on your Orion NPM website.  This component must be installed locally on your Orion NPM server.  After installation and configuration wizard has finished, you will see a Network Configuration Manager link show up in your Orion NPM website.   

One last tip: When upgrading from previous versions of NCM, don’t forget to also upgrade your NCM integration module at the same time.  Otherwise, you won’t see any of the cool new features!    For example, the NCM 5.5.1 integration module now allows you upload and download configs, execute scripts, and run inventory and compliance reports directly from your Orion NPM 9.5 website!