This is the first post of a new effort here at SolarWinds.  We are kicking off an Orion product team blog.  Why would we do this?  The product team already monitors thwack, our community forum, and responds to user comments and questions many times every day.  So, you might ask, what else could we possibly have to say?  Lots, actually.

With thwack, we're reacting to users, and we're committed to continuing that ongoing conversation.  With this blog, our desire is provide a proactive channel where we can talk to users about Orion.   In this blog, we're going to assume that the reader owns and uses Orion and its modules.  That assumption gives us the freedom to talk about nitty gritty details of the product and its features.  Prospective customers are welcome to read and may benefit from doing so, but our goal is to provide a service to existing customers.  In fact, in a future release of Orion, we intend to make the blog available right in the product in order to make the content as readily accessible as possible for all customers.

What are we trying to accomplish? 

  1. First and foremost, we want to provide some content that might fall in the "tips and tricks" category.  We talk to and hear from so many customers who have done really interesting things with Orion, and we want share some of their creativity more widely.  We also talk to new customers who like Orion and suspect (correctly, more often than not) that they are only getting a fraction of the value of the product. The Orion family strives to be easy, yet powerful, which means that the "meat and potatoes" of the product can be accessed without much effort, but over time, ever more power reveals itself.    We want to accelerate that revelation process.  
  2. The other thing we expect to do is talk about features-new and old-and the rationale behind them.  Product Management and Engineering work closely on the design of each feature, including end user feedback as much as possible.  In the end, we spend a lot of time on the features, and we care about the details.   And since you're the consumer of these features, we figure you all care about them, too, and will be interested as well.  We know our spouses aren't.  We've tried talking to them, and frankly, we're tired of the eye-rolling when we try to tell them excitedly about the new, cool thing we just released.   So, we'll tell you about the features instead.  We'll explain what we were trying to accomplish, why we made the design decisions we made, and all the inside dirt.

We encourage comments and we'll respond.  It's just another channel for our ongoing dialog about Orion.  Please add this blog to your RSS Reader or set up email notifications if you're interested in this content.