• AMD Ryzen and EPYC Processors a Threat?

    So, I wanted to at least touch base with everyone on the “scandal” of the week. Is it fake news? New ways for stock gouging? New ransom type embankments? Corporate espionage?   I waited until at leas...
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  • Disaster Recovery Testing - Learning to Walk the Walk

    With the influx of natural disasters, hacks, and increasingly more common ransomware, being able to recover from a disaster is quickly moving up the priority list for IT departments across the globe. In addition to aw...
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  • The Actuator – March 21st

    It’s March Madness time here in the USA. I love this time of year. Not just because I have a former life as a player and coach, but because here in the northeast it is that time when winter finally gives way to ...
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  • Fortifying your networks against the coming Internet of Things (IoT) tsunami

    By Paul Parker, SolarWinds Federal & National Government Chief Technologist   We all know that security concerns go hand in hand with IoT. Here's an interesting article from my colleague Joe Kim, in which he ...
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  • Bracket Battle 2018: Legends of Lore

    They lurk in the shadows, they creep in the dark You may hear them shriek, howl, grunt, or bark Fact or fiction, it’s hard to be sure If these creatures are caught on camera, they’re only a blur Their ...
    Wendy Abbott
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  • Assessing the health and performance of your databases

    By Paul Parker, SolarWinds Federal & National Government Chief Technologist   Here is an interesting article from my colleague Joe Kim, in which he explores database heath and performance.   Part of the ...
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  • Cloud Connectivity: Not as Simple as You Thought

    Most enterprises rely on infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Whether it’s SaaS services like Office 365, IaaS in AWS, PaaS in Azure, or analytics services in Google Cloud, organizations now rely on sys...
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  • The Impact Of Coupling On System Design

    In system design, every technical decision can be seen as a series of trade-offs. If I choose to implement Technology A it will provide a positive outcome in one way, but introduce new challenges that I wouldn’t...
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  • Sysadmania! Is Upon Us!

    SysAdmin Day is upon us, you SysAdmaniacs!   It’s your day! We know how you may feel underappreciated at times throughout the year, so we went all out and created a board game in your honor. That’s ri...
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  • The Actuator - March 14th

    It's good to be home after two weeks on the road, and just in time for a foot of snow. How do I unsubscribe from Winter?   As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. E...
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  • Out of Office: Identifying & Managing Risk

    Risk Management is an important part of IT. Being able to identify risks and remediation options can make a huge difference if or when disaster strikes. If you've moved part of or all of your enterprise to Office 365,...
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  • Traveling With Joy

    Recently, two people I respect very much tweeted about travel, and how to remain positive and grateful while you do it. You can read those tweets here (https://twitter.com/UberGeekGirl/status/961080557063909377) and h...
    Leon Adato
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  • Disaster Recovery - Time To Create Our Plan!

    Thus far, we have gone over how to classify our disasters and how to have some of those difficult conversations with our organization regarding Disaster Recovery (DR). We've also briefly touched on Business Continuity...
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  • When Hasso Plattner Speaks, Everybody Listens

    SAP® recently held their annual Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) Sapphire Now celebration in Orlando, which attracted more than 35,000 executives, subject matter experts, sales and public relations p...
  • Windows Workstation Logs – Integration

    In the final blog of this series, we’ll look at ways to integrate Windows event logs with other telemetry sources to provide a complete picture of a network environment. The most common way of doing this is by f...
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  • Network Monitoring Overload and how to survive

    By Paul Parker, SolarWinds Federal & National Government Chief Technologist   It’s always good to have a periodic reminder to consider what we’re monitoring and why. Here's an applicable article f...
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  • It’s time to be honest with ourselves

    By Paul Parker, SolarWinds Federal & National Government Chief Technologist   Here's an interesting article from my colleague Leon Adato, in which he suggests that honesty is best policy.   IT profession...
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  • Alternate Actuator:  The Bacon Edition

    With humble admiration and praise for sqlrockstar and his weekly Actuator, I wonder if it might be time for an alternate Actuator. August, aka the "silly season," is just around the corner. The silly season's heat and...
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  • The Actuator – March 7th

    I’m in Redmond this week for the Microsoft MVP Summit. This will be my ninth Summit, but I’m as excited as if it was my first. The opportunity to meet with the people that make and ship the bits, provide v...
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  • The Actuator –February 28th

    I am in Germany this week, presenting sessions on database migrations and upgrades at SQL Konferenz. It’s always fun to talk data, and help people understand how to plan and execute data migration projects. ...
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