• The Actuator – January 17th

    In Austin this week, filming an episode of SolarWinds Lab. I heard there may be snow in the forecast there. I’m starting to get the sense that winter hates me.   As always, here are some links from the Int...
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  • From Financial to Federal: Three Hot Technologies Affecting Government IT

    By Paul Parker, SolarWinds Federal & National Government Chief Technologist   It’s the time of year when we look toward the future. Here's an interesting article from my colleague, Joe Kim, where he pro...
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  • Disaster Recovery - Focus on the disaster first!

    When organizations first take on the challenge of setting up a disaster recovery plan, it’s almost always based on the premise that a complete failure will occur. With that in mind, we take the approach of plann...
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  • Monitoring Cloud from On-Prem

    The use of cloud technology and services--especially public cloud--has become nearly ubiquitous. For example, it has made its way into even the most conservative organizations. Despite the fact that some find it chall...
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  • The Legacy IT Pro

    In the fast-paced world of IT, can you afford to be a legacy IT pro? This is a concern for many, which makes it worth examining.   IT functions have been clearly separated since the early days of mainframes. You...
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  • The Actuator – January 10th

    Back in the saddle this week, feeling rested and ready to get 2018 started. We had quite a few interesting stories last week, too. Never a dull moment in the field of technology.   As always, here are some links...
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  • Preparing Defense Networks for Cyberattacks

    By Paul Parker, SolarWinds Federal and National Government Chief Technologist   I'm the new Chief Technologist for our Federal and National Government team, and I’m glad to be joining the conversation on TH...
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  • Alternate Actuator:  The Bacon Edition

    With humble admiration and praise for sqlrockstar and his weekly Actuator, I wonder if it might be time for an alternate Actuator. August, aka the "silly season," is just around the corner. The silly season's heat and...
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  • SolarWinds 2018 Head Geek IT Pro-dictions

      Welcome to 2018!   Just three days into the new year, Spectre and Meltdown made the news. These flaws affect both system security and performance since they degrade CPU performance significantly. Previous...
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  • SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor or HP SiteScope? Can You Spend Wisely and Get All the Power You Need?

    Do you have a lot of money sitting around, gathering dust? You do? Can I come over to visit?   Really though, in these days of “tighten your belt” budgets, it’s difficult to justify spending ma...
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  • Everything I Needed To Know About IT I Learned From Logan (Part Three)

      (This is the third part of a series. You can find Part One here and Part Two here.)   It behooves me to remind you that there are many spoilers beyond this point. If you haven't seen the movie yet, and don...
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  • Landing on a Secure File Sharing Solution

    Back in October, I wrote about Shadow IT and how some users are turning to popular file sharing applications like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive to get their work done without the friction. One point I made in th...
    Brandon Carroll
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  • How Tech Trends Impact Military Networks

    By Joe Kim, SolarWinds EVP, Engineering and Global CTO   Bring your own application (BYOA), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and software-defined networking (SDN) may promise great things, but they also expos...
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  • The Actuator - December 27th

    I hope everyone had a happy Christmas this week. It snowed on Christmas day here, the first time in maybe 20 years or so where we had enough snowfall that we had to shovel. It's the third white Christmas my kids have ...
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  • The Actuator – December 20th

    We are in the home stretch now, folks, with less than a week to go before The Big Day. I hope you and yours have a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.   As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that ...
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  • Is Compliance Something I Should Be Thinking About?

    Over the past 12 months, I've heard the word “compliance” thrown around quite a bit. Only now does compliance depend on what department or industry you are in. From ISO to General Data Protection Regulatio...
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  • How Government IT Pros Can Locate Problems and Understand Their Causes

    By Joe Kim, SolarWinds EVP, Engineering and Global CTO   Trying to find the root cause of IT problems can sometimes feel like trying to find your way out of a maze. Optimistically turning each corner, hoping to l...
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  • The Actuator – January 3rd

    I’m still on holiday, but that won’t stop me from getting the Actuator done this week. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season with family and friends. Let’s grab 2018 by the tail, togeth...
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  • How Social Media Can Protect You Against Cybercrime

    By Joe Kim, SolarWinds EVP, Engineering and Global CTO   Social media has given us many things, from the mass circulation of hilarious cat videos, to the proliferation of memes. However, social media is not commo...
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  • Is collaboration something I should be thinking about?

    Over the past few years, we have seen an ever-changing landscape when it comes to technology. When I first started in IT, my company decided on IBM for everything. Servers, storage, and even the backup tools were deli...
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