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Hey all - Sparky here, guest blogging again for the Geek.  I just wrote post on thwack Announcing SolarWinds Labs - WMI Browser gadget! our new SolarWinds Labs WMI Browser Experimental gadget for the Workspace Studio and I thought I might spread the word here. For the click-a-phobic, here is a summary:

What is an experimental gadget you may ask? An experimental gadget is a gadget that encompasses some functionality we would like to release, but it might be very early in the design/development stage, or maybe have plans to add more features, but want feedback from you on how to improve it, or we may have found something we think is cool, and want to find out if you think it's cool too. 

Some "Labs" gadgets may graduate to full-fledged gadgets, and some may stay at the experimental stage while we gauge interest or revise the design.  Some might just fade quietly into the netherworld...

So, if you have comments about (or ideas for) SolarWinds Labs Gadgets, feel free to post here.


I am really excited about this new initiative, and think it will lead to  some very cool new stuff. Well, to be honest, I am more excited about the upcoming hunting season, but I digress...


Well, it’s not often I get to (try to) fill the Head Geek’s shoes, but Josh called me with some lame excuse about how he couldn’t update his blog today and asked me if I could fill in for him. He said something about his laptop being down, but he was kind of mumbling and it was really hard to hear him over all the video game noises in the background…

Anyway, I succumbed to my inner Dogbert and gleefully replied that I would, knowing that this could be my big chance to turn “Geek Speak” into “Sparky’s Corner” or “SNMP Extravaganza” (yeah, they don’t have  the same ring, but I’m working on it…). If you have any suggestions for the new name, please post ‘em below; that’ll teach him to pawn his work off on me.

Since I’ve got you here, I’d like to brag on my team a little bit.  We have been working really hard on the new Toolset v10.0 release which just released today, and man, is it super-cool.  What makes it super-cool you ask?  For starters, we’ve added this new application called the Workspace Studio, which is an application that allows you to perform real-time monitoring and troubleshooting just by dragging and dropping gadgets and devices onto tabs.  Got a tab all setup like you like with your gadgets, just name it, save it, and close it, then it’s only a double click away when you need that setup again.  As some of you may know, the previous releases of Toolset consisted of 49 separate tools and applications, all running in their own windows. Now with the Workspace Studio, it’s all in the same app. For those folks who *liked* them all running in their own windows, you can still run all the classic tools by themselves, we didn’t take anything away; but I bet once you see what you can do in the Workspace Studio, you won’t want to any more…

Here is a short list of some of things I think make the Toolset v10.0 super-cool:

The Workspace Studio:
    * Does IPv6 and SNMPv3!
    * Lets you aggregate stats and interfaces from the same device or across multiple devices!
    * It has an SSH/Telnet Client built in!
    * You can even add shortcuts to your own favorite applications, and then drag devices on them and launch your application with the device info passed along on the command line!

The Toolset:
    * Get a new command line version of SwitchPortMapper with XML output!
    * Works on Windows 2008 and all 64bit flavors of Windows!
If your Toolset maintenance is current, you can upgrade to v10.0  now (or as soon as your account is provisioned) - login to your account and download it here:

Well, he said keep it short so I’d better cut it off here, but maybe Josh will let me post more cool (and more technical) stuff here in the future, unless of course, I get “Sparky’s Corner”, buwahahahaha…

Flame on,
Greg “Sparky” Newman

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