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You know, most times, going "green" is  painful process. For Bruce Banner it involves a lot of pain, stretched bones, skin, and cartilage, and an entire new wardrobe. For us geeks it usually involves making some serious compromises to our lifestyles and work habits and nobody likes doing those things.

Honestly, I may not be the greenest guy in world. I did consider buying a Prius, but there really wasn't room for both dogs in the back let alone decoys and coolers so I decided to pass. I did have a chance to play with the Prius control panel and it's super geeky (just my style) but I don't think they offer it for the twin-turbo diesel powered F-250 I drive so I'll have to wait...

Some companies though are making it easy for us geeks to go green. For instance, Cisco has a totally new program called "EnergyWise". For the past few weeks I've had the chance to work with their development teams on this new technology and it's pretty flippin' sweet. They had me under some kind of a super-secret, pinky-swear type NDA until now but I can finally talk about it.

They'll be lots of news about the EnergyWise program in the oncoming weeks but I can tell you that it's a great way to significantly reduce your company's carbon footprint and it comes without the pain that most green initiatives imply. We're partnering with Cisco to help deliver this technology and so you can rest assured that Orion will be there to help you to monitor your effectiveness with EnergyWise.



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