It's this time of the year again! VMworld EMEA is in Barcelona again.


As one of the annual family reunions of all things data center, virtualization, and cloud, we can't miss it. This year the event is November 4 – 7, and you can find us at stand B524.


Last year, we had VMAN 8.3 out of the door a few months before the event, and now, we’re on version 8.5.

If things work out, we might be able to show you some of what we’re working on. And while we can't promise anything, it's looking good so far. Fingers crossed!


Tom and Patrick are attending MS Ignite in Orlando, which is happening at the same time, so it will be Leon and me, plus a group of experts from our EMEA offices, helping you in Barcelona.

Last November I saw this thing but unfortunately, I couldn’t find time to play with it:


Now, who wouldn’t want to play (I mean, do research) with a virtual shovel excavator? Will these guys return? Asking for a friend!

And Barcelona being Barcelona, there’s good food to look forward to again:



And for sure, we’re also looking forward to seeing you guys again!