Back from Austin and THWACKcamp filming. Can you believe the event is only two weeks away? I'm excited for what we have in store for you this year. It's a lot of work to pull TC together, but the finished product always makes me smile. Wearing the bee suit helps, too.


As always, here are some links I found interesting this week. Enjoy!


15,000 private webcams left open to snooping, no password required

The manufacturers of these devices should be held accountable. Until actions are taken against the makers, we will continue to have incidents like this.


Microsoft: Customers are entitled to know about federal data requests

Great moment for Microsoft here, stepping forward as an advocate for customer privacy rights.


Crown Sterling Claims to Factor RSA Keylengths First Factored Twenty Years Ago

A silly marketing stunt, and I have no idea why they would do this except the idea that there's no such thing as bad publicity. But I think they're hurting their reputation with stunts like this one.


Doordash Discloses Massive Data Breach That Affected 4.9 Million People

Interesting that new users are not affected. Makes me think perhaps the hackers got hold of an older database, maybe a backup.


The simplest explanation of machine learning you’ll ever read

Next time you're in a meeting and someone brings the machine learning hype, just ask yourself, "Do we need a label maker?"


IBM will soon launch a 53-qubit quantum computer

I'm excited for the possibilities brought about by quantum computing, and cautiously optimistic this won't result in Skynet.


Banks, Arbitrary Password Restrictions and Why They Don't Matter

Great summary of the security issue faced by online banking.


If you ever get the chance to have a beef rib at Terry Black's in Austin, you will not be disappoint: