Hi there! It's Suzanne again. You might remember me from The Actuator April 10th, where I stepped in for Tom because he was busy "doing things." He's on his way to yet another conference and asked me to help out, as if I don't have enough things to do while he's away. Of course I agreed to do it, but not before I made him promise to build me a fire outside and serve me a cocktail.


So, here are some links I found interesting this week. Hope you enjoy!


People v mosquitos: what to do about our biggest killer

As I sit here in our yard, swatting away mosquitoes, I think it's time for us to eradicate them from the face of the Earth. And if this process involves flamethrowers, sign me up.


Seven Ways Telecommuting Has Changed Real Estate

As someone who managed a co-working space and now works from home as Director of Lead Generation for a real estate team, every one of these points rings true.


WeWork unsecured WiFi exposes documents

Speaking of co-working spaces, WeWork shows how to not do network security properly. I bet the printers in the office are storing every page scanned too! Oh, WeWork (sigh).


The true magic of writing happens in the third draft

For me, the true magic of writing happens during the third cocktail.


Google Says It's Achieved Quantum Supremacy, a World-First: Report

Tom keeps mumbling to me about quantum computing, so I'll include this for him. I'm not worried about Google achieving this, because it's likely they'll kill the product in less than 18 months.


What to Consider About Campus Safety, Wellness

As we start touring campuses with our children, these types of questions become important. Is it wrong to expect your 18-year-old (who's away at school) to check in with you daily? Asking for a friend.


7 Reasons Why Women Speakers Say No to Speaking & What Conference Organizers Can Do About It

Second of a 2-part series that talks about why women turn down speaking engagements. I remember the time Tom arranged for an all-women speaking event, 24 women speakers in total. It took longer to arrange, and the process was more involved, but I was proud he made the effort.


Out for a morning walk last week and we stumbled upon this beautiful view of a pond, with steam rising off. #Exhale