Getting ready for VMworld next week in San Francisco. If you're attending, please stop by the booth and say hello. I have some speaking sessions as well as a session in the expo hall. Feel free to come over and talk data or bacon.


As always, here are some links I hope you find interesting. Enjoy!


Supercomputer creates millions of virtual universes

Another example of where quantum computers will help advance research beyond what supercomputers of today can provide.


Amazon's facial recognition mistakenly labels 26 California lawmakers as criminals

This depends on what your definition of "mistake" is.


Younger Americans better at telling factual news statements from opinions

I'd like to see this survey repeated, but with a more narrow focus on age groups. I believe grouping 18-49 as "young" is a bit of a stretch.


Attorney General Barr and Encryption

Good summary of the talking points in the debate about backdoors and encryption.


Loot boxes a matter of "life or death," says researcher

As a parent I have seen firsthand how loot boxes affect children and their habits.


Black Hat: GDPR privacy law exploited to reveal personal data

I wish I had attended this talk at Black Hat, brilliant research into how data privacy laws are making us less safe than we may have thought.


He tried to prank the DMV. Then his vanity license plate backfired big time.

NULLs remain the worst mistake in computer science.


I have walked past, but never into, the Boston Public Library many times. Last week I took the time to go inside and was not disappointed.