Had a great stay-cation last week. I made no plans except a quick overnight trip to the beach. It was wonderful doing nothing, catching up on sleep, and enjoying our backyard space. I highly recommend everyone find the time to do nothing; your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.


As always, here are some links I hope you find interesting. Enjoy!


Why the WhatsApp Security Flaw Should Make Enterprise IT Nervous

WhatsApp may be the most flawed application out there right now, owned by a company (Facebook) known to have shoddy security practices. If you are using this app, you are putting yourself, your friends, and your company network at risk.


Netflix: 105 Mil Have Watched One ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Episode

Buried inside this story is the reason I included this link: Netflix is losing customers. This is the story to track over the next 24 months. Netflix has a lot of data, and a lot of smart people. I can't imagine this is the end, but likely a pivot.


You’re very easy to track down, even when your data has been anonymized

Privacy is an illusion, a lie we tell ourselves every day.


Louisiana declares state of emergency after ransomware attacks

"It'll get worse before it gets better." - Dalton


Amazon dominates IaaS cloud services market, small enterprises lose out

No shock here, but AWS is the market leader in IaaS, followed by Azure. But many are surprised to find that Google is 4th, behind Alibaba. I'm certain they exist, but I don't know any company outside of Silicon Valley that uses GCP for production purposes.


Why the dockless scooter industry is going after a repossessor and a bike shop owner

SPOILER ALERT: A DotCom company didn't care how their business would affect anything other than money generated. By advertising the scooters can be "left anywhere," these companies have created a nuisance. I'm glad to see people standing up to the stupid.


Quantum Supremacy Is Coming: Here’s What You Should Know

Long, but good summary of quantum computing for those that haven't taken a dive into those waters yet. I view quantum supremacy as the moment when quantum computing is powerful enough to render all current encryption useless.


"These go to eleven."


Happy, honored, and humbled to have been awarded the Microsoft MVP for the 11th consecutive year.