This week's Actuator comes to you from sunny San Diego and Cisco Live! If you are here, and reading this, then you still have time to stop by Booth #1621 and say hello. I enjoy talking data with anyone, but especially with our customers.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Baltimore ransomware attack will cost the city over $18 million

I wonder how much it would have cost for the city to keep their systems up to date, and able to be patched in a timely manner.


Many iOS Developers Don’t Use Encryption: Report

So, Apple tries to force the use of encryption, but allows for developers to easily override. This is why we can't have secure things.


EU will force electric cars to emit a noise below 20 km/h on July 1

I would pay good money for my car to sound like George Jetson's.


Employees are almost as dangerous to business security as hackers and cybercriminals

Always a difficult conversation, when you want to enforce security standards and your colleagues take offense, as if you don't trust them. And yet, they are often the weakest link. Security is necessary to help good people from doing dumb things.


Uber’s Path of Destruction

A bit long, but worth every minute. Uber, along with other tech companies, are horrible for our economy. And they will remain so, until we elect legislators that understand not only technology, but the business finance of technology companies.


Microsoft and Oracle link up their clouds

The biggest shock in this article was discovering that Oracle has a cloud.


AWS launches Textract, machine learning for text and data extraction

Just a quick PSA here, but the code and model driving this service likely has inherent biases in a similar manner to issues with facial recognition tech. "Trust, but verify" should be the disclaimer pasted at the top of the page for this and every other AI-as-a-Service out there.



This is my first Cisco Live! and I think there's a chance I'm the only DBA here: