I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, surrounded by friends and family. Summer is upon us, finally, which means more yard work to get done here.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


5G could mean less time to flee a deadly hurricane, heads of NASA and NOAA warn

This is not a new debate, but as 5G gets closer to being a reality, the debate is getting louder.


London Underground passengers told to turn off their Wi-Fi if they don’t want to be tracked

Love the idea of using data in a smart way. And I like how they are upfront in telling you they are collecting data. Now, why is this not an opt-in? Seems rather odd, in the land of GDPR, that they are not required to get consent first.


US Postal Service will use autonomous big rigs to ship mail in new test

We continue to inch closer to autonomous vehicles becoming a reality, and at the same time making the movie Maximum Overdrive a possible documentary.


Facebook plans to launch 'GlobalCoin' cryptocurrency in 2020

Well, now, what’s the worst that can happen?


The blue light from your LED screen isn’t hurting your eyes

Maybe not, but screen protectors, dark themes, and looking away frequently aren’t bad ideas.


Building a Talent Pipeline: Who’s Giving Big for Data Science on Campus?

I remember 10 years ago when a colleague told our group “…a data scientist isn’t a real job and won’t exist in five years.” Well, it’s now a job that is seeing money pouring into higher education. There is a dearth of people in the world that can analyze data properly. Here’s hoping we can fix that.


Falsehoods programmers believe about Unix time

Time zones are horrible creatures, and often the answer you hear is to use UTC for everything. But even UTC has flaws.


Summer has started; we were able to enjoy time outdoors with friends and family: