This week's Actuator comes to you direct from the Fire Circle in my backyard because (1) I am home for a few weeks and (2) it finally stopped raining. The month of May has been filled with events for me these past nine years, but not this year. So of course, the skies have been gray for weeks. We are at 130% rainfall year to date, and only one inch of rainfall between now and September 30th will set a new record.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


WhatsApp Finds and Fixes Targeted Attack Bug

I’m shocked, just shocked, to find out WhatsApp and Facebook may have intentionally been spying on their users.


Microsoft Reveals First Hardware Using Its New Compression Algorithm

And then they open sourced the technology, making it available for anyone to use, including AWS. More evidence that this is the new Microsoft.


Strong Opinions Loosely Held Might be the Worst Idea in Tech

Toxic Certainty Syndrome is a real problem, made worse by the internet. I’m not sure the proposed solution of offering percentages is the right choice for everyone, but I’m 100% certain we need to do something.


Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs

Amazon gets subsidies with the promise of creating jobs, then deploys robots to remove those same jobs.


San Francisco banned facial recognition tech. Here’s why other cities should too.

I’m with San Francisco on this, mostly due to the inherent bias found in the technology at the current time.


Gmail logs your purchase history, undermining Google’s commitment to privacy

Don’t be evil, unless you can get away with it for decades.


Selfie Deaths Are an Epidemic

Something, something, Darwin.


Thankful to have the opportunity to walk around Seattle after the SWUG two weeks ago: