I hope everyone had a Happy Easter this past weekend. We celebrated in the usual way, with the burning of the Christmas tree and eating our weight in ham.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Mueller report forced Congress to find PCs with disc drives

The Mueller report is a nice reminder for those of us that have tried restoring a system, but can’t find an O/S old enough for the app to run.


Delta is reducing how much seats recline to protect your personal space

My biggest complaint about airlines is the “business” seat doesn’t allow you to use your laptop when the person in front of you decides to recline. Here’s hoping Delta sets a new standard for everyone to follow.


5-star phonies: Inside the fake Amazon review complex

Fake Amazon reviews are about as surprising as inaccurate Wikipedia articles. But I like this article for their attempt at using data to show the extent of Amazon’s review problem.


America’s Great College Boom Is Winding Down

A handful of local schools have closed their doors; one was mid-semester. I suspect the closings are linked to the student loan bubble.


A ransomware attack took The Weather Channel off the air

They should film an episode of “It Could Happen Tomorrow” dedicated to malware.


Encryption: A cheat sheet

I found this guide to be a helpful overview and thought you may find it useful to share as well. I think it was this sentence: “Encryption won't stop your data from being stolen.” Truth.


How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras With Your Phone

As someone that travels frequently, I’ve hit the point where I feel it necessary to scan for hidden cameras in my room.


Another Easter tradition for our family meal and yes, those are bacon crumbles: