And now, there is one left standing alone having vanquished foe after foe after foe after foe after foe after foe. (Six match-ups in all)


In a battle of questionable skills and worthless superpowers, there was one gift that the community found more valuable than others, more useful than not.


An underdog of 140-character proportion capable of understanding before a word has been uttered.


Our Superhero of Uselessness, our Champion of Mediocrity…




From the moment TWEETZ entered the ring, we were enthralled with the idea of reading 140-characters of anyone’s thoughts. We believe that TWEETZ is the best of the worst, the most helpful of the least useful…


TWEETZ, today we celebrate you.


(If GIFTZ had won, we would have been able to bestow TWEETZ on everyone, but alas… the spoils of the bracket battle)


Thanks to all who voted and debated this year’s battle. What are your suggestions for year 8?