Each day brings us one step closer to crowning this year’s winner. We are down to our final four, and another round of favorites have seen their runs come to an end. With the exception of just one match-up, the superpowers moving on won their spots with significant margins of victory.


  • Generosity (Giftz) was just barely muscled out by Dropz, which makes sense since it is only temporary strength. Apparently, just enough to eek out a win by 1%. (51% to 49%)
  • These match-ups continue to provide moments of massive meta-goodness as 2ndz lives up to its namesake. USBz will move on to the next round. (66% to 34%)
  • The 1s and 0s (Binaryz) rolled through this round leaving Tumblz in the dust. (63% to 37%)
  • Our favorite play-in, Tweetz, keeps up its omniscient, 140-character inspired march to the end. Hoverz crashes to the ground in this round. (75% to 25%)


We have two more rounds to go before we can declare one of these final four the BEST of the Worst.


Check out the next round and vote, campaign, and debate to determine our finalists!