Saw Captain Marvel this past weekend. It's a good movie. You should see it, too. Make sure you stick around for the second end credit scene!


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Quadriga's Wallets Are Empty, Putting Fate Of $137 Million In Doubt

Somehow, I don’t think “create Ponzi scheme using crypto and fake my own death” was the exact pitch to investors. Incidents like this are going to give cryptocurrencies a bad name.


Part 1: How To Be An Adult— Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development

One of the most important skills you can have in life is empathy. Take 10 minutes to read this and then think about the people around you daily, and their stage of development. If you start to recognize the people that are Stage 2, for example, it may change how you interact, and react, with them.


Volvo is limiting its cars to a top speed of 112 mph

Including this because (1) we got a new Volvo this week and (2) the safety features are amazing. There are many times it seems as if the car is driving itself. It takes a while to learn to let go and accept the car is now your pilot.


This bill could ban e-cigarette flavors nationwide

"To me, there is no legitimate reason to sell any product with names such as cotton candy or tutti fruitti, unless you are trying to market it to children.” Preach.


Microsoft is now managing HP, Dell PCs via its Managed Desktop Service

And we move one step closer to MMSP – Microsoft Managed Service Provider.


A new study finds a potential risk with self-driving cars: failure to detect dark-skinned pedestrians

We are at the beginning of a boom with regards to machine learning. Unfortunately, most of the data we use comes with certain bias inherent. Date is the fuel for our systems and our decisions. Make sure you know what fuel you are using to power your algorithms.


Burnout Self-Test

We’ve all been there, or are there. Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes for this quiz. Then, assess where you are, where you want to be, and the steps you need to take. Mental health is as important as anything else in your life.


The last real snowfall of the season, so I took the time to make a Fire Angel (it's like a Snow Angel, but in my Fire Circle):