Home from Las Vegas and AWS re:Invent for 60 hours, then I’m back on the road. In Orlando this week for SQL Live, where I have four sessions to deliver. I’ll also be working the SolarWinds booth. If you are attending SQL Live, let’s connect and talk data.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


AWS Says It’s Never Seen a Whole Data Center Go Down

AWS is a master of spin when it comes to their product statements. Here they are having fun drawing a fine line between “disaster” and “event.” To the customers affected by outages at AWS, they don’t care if the building was down or not. It’s a disaster for them, period.


Amazon gets into the blockchain with Quantum Ledger Database & Managed Blockchain

Here we see AWS leveraging the use of the word “quantum.” It’s meant as “small,” and in no way do they want you to confuse it with “quantum computing.” And, as a bonus, it’s combined with Blockchain, for maximum SEO effect.


Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate and vendors don't call back when asked for evidence

If you are using Blockchain successfully, please contact the Register and let them know.


Can blockchain co-exist with GDPR? It’s complicated

Ah, the joy of working with immutable transactions.


Half of all Phishing Sites Now Have the Padlock

The padlock just means traffic to the website server is encrypted. It offers no protection about who is at the other end. You could be having an encrypted discussion with Satan.


Marriott breach exposes more than just customer info

This story is still evolving, but I’d expect things to get worse as details emerge. This has potential to be a case study in cybersecurity worst practices.


Malware vector: become an admin on dormant, widely-used open source projects

Not just malware, but adware, too. Open source projects are susceptible to being hijacked, in legitimate ways, by outsiders that see an opportunity to use the project to further their own needs. It’s like a hostile corporate takeover, but without the excitement of a shareholder vote.


One of my favorite events of the year: