THWACKcamp 2018 – People Do Dumb Things: Why Security is Hard for IT Pros


We often hear a lot of discussion about high-level security, but these types of concerns aren’t really what the general public is facing on a day-to-day basis, at work, or at home. People who have a very limited or virtually non-existent background in IT might not even realize that the things they’re doing are putting their data, your data, and potentially even your business at risk. So what kind of security risks do we see from the vast majority of the people across all companies and organizations, and how do we actually resolve them?


In this THWACKcamp panel session “People Do Dumb Things: Why Security is Hard for IT Pros,” I’ll be joined by Broadway National Bank Sr. Network Security Engineer and THWACK® MVP Paul Guido, CS Disco Software Engineer/QA architect Mandy Hubbard, and Computer and Network Security Shaman Sandy Hawke to discuss all the most practical ways that you can keep team members from putting your security at risk. We’ll place some of our IT expertise on the back burner as we try to tackle these issues from an IT novice viewpoint, so we can come to realistic and meaningful solutions on how you can help prevent these small and large security fumbles from happeningin the first place. As security breaches become more commonplace, it’s important that we as IT professionals remember that these breaches don’t have to be the norm. Even the use of social media can hold potential threats that we need to think about and create safeguards for. This session is geared for people of all IT skill levels who want to improve their security—so basically, everyone.


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