We all start out somewhere. Our first taste of technology somehow leads to that first server build, switch config, or line of code. Which, in turn, leads to our first “real” tech job and a slew of other firsts—first time leading a project, first outage, and maybe even the first promotion. Somewhere along the way, you had your first chance to work with SolarWinds® tools.


While experienced IT professionals can look back (hopefully with fondness), many of us are just getting our legs under us when it comes to SolarWinds solutions. Right now. Here. Today. And that’s what this session is all about: helping you get up to speed quickly and avoid the feeling of hunt-and-peck that often comes when learning a new software suite.


In this THWACKcamp 2018 session, I’ll be joined by fellow Head Geek Destiny Bertucci  to give a tour of the most important features, screens, tools, and utilities that you’ll need in those critical first days, whether you are completely new to the role of monitoring engineer, or are experienced with monitoring but new to SolarWinds.


Want to make sure you attend this and other sessions during this year’s THWACKcamp? Be sure to register for THWACKcamp and plan out the sessions you’ll attend on October 17 – 18. Not sure if you’ve budgeted enough to attend this premier online event? Don’t sweat it! THWACKcamp is completely free. You don’t even have to worry about travel expenses—just make sure you have access to Wi-Fi. SolarWinds Head Geeks and a wide array of technical experts will be hosting these sessions, as well as answering your questions in a live chat, so you can walk away feeling like you can take on any IT challenge that comes your way. Can’t wait to see you there!